Anonymous asked:

A lot of people are upset about the manga potentially ending in a few weeks, but to be positive, what would be a list of reasons why KnB would not end?

jcminwell answered:


  • The WJ editors’ desire to make more money. Jump is infamous for forcing mangakas to continue (or end) series against the mangakas’ wishes. KnB sells very well so naturally the editors would want it to keep doing so. A mangaka would need a fair amount of clout and strength of will to go against the editor-in-chief’s orders.
  • Fujimaki’s desire to make more money. This is still his first series and he is still young. There is no guarantee that his next work will be anywhere near as successful. Many think that KnB was bit of a fluke.
  • Fujimaki’s desire to please the fans.
  • S3 airing next year. It’s not unknown for an anime of a WJ series to air after the manga has ended (examples are Death Note and Whistle), but it is fairly rare. Commercially it makes more sense to have them running concurrently because they boost the sales of each other.
  • There’s more that can be done with the characters. Although the original narrative of KnB is reaching its natural conclusion, the characters themselves still have room to be explored. Fujimaki could always start a new story. Most of the cast are either first or second years. Moving on to the second year would automatically bring new challenges and drama. And there are many minor characters that haven’t seen much spotlight at all.
  • Maybe we haven’t seen the best of KnB yet. ;)
  • And crucially: So far there hasn’t been any announcement whatsoever that the series is going to end soon.

To be a bit contrary though, I’d also like to point out a few positives for ending the series now:

  • It is the obvious place to end. As I said above, the narrative is reaching its natural conclusion. The protagonists have achieved their goals that were set out in the first chapter. Ending it here would probably be better for the sake of how the work is judged as a whole.
  • It’s generally wise to quit while you are still popular than to keep going until everyone is wishing you had ended earlier. Watching a series go into true decline can be a very disheartening experience.
  • Perhaps Fujimaki deserves a break. He’s gone through a lot to get to this point. As far as I know, he’s never skipped a week during KnB’s run, even throughout the poison threats saga. Also, this being only his first work, there’s probably other things that he wants to write.
  • Even if the series end, I think we may still see quite a bit of KnB. The anime and character bible are of course still to come. I also expect some side comics, hopefully of the minor characters. Maybe even a short spin-off or something. You can guarantee that Jump will milk KnB while they can.